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Gas Services

JEM Utilities have built up an excellent reputation over the years and the majority of our work is through recommendation and repeat business. We carry out all aspects of plumbing and heating work and our engineers are ready to attend emergency breakdowns, landlord checks, heating system servicing and are at home with every type of gas boiler, fire, cooker, water heater and full central heating systems.


JEM Utiliies replace many radiators on existing heating systems as well as install complete new heating installations and are able to advise customers on every aspect of radiator specifications for varying room sizes and capacities.

Heating System Cleaning - Maintenance - Flushing

All heating systems build up debris over the years from scale and sediment or sludge and this in turn leads to a less efficient water flow around the radiator system in the house, which in turn leads to radiators taking longer to heat up and disperse the heat in the rooms. It can also provide a platform for corrosion.

Flushing the heating system, often called "Power Flushing", is a means of removing this debris and consists of inserting a descaling solution a week before the cleansing starts and then flushing the system through until the water in the pipework is running clear.

Gas Appliances - Cookers - Gas Fires

The fitting of gas appliances by qualified engineers is a Gas Safe and legal requirement. By law it is required that a qualified specialist carries out any gas fitting, no matter how small the task. Gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning have been radically reduced in the UK through better training and gas works being carried out solely by Gas Safe qualified installers and engineers.

Boiler Service

At JEM Utilities we always believe in planning for the future, this is why we urge you to make sure that you have your boiler inspected prior to an upcoming winter so that you can have peace of mind that when a particularly cold day arrives it will not fail you.

Over the years our technicians have gained a wide range of experience and knowledge with Boiler servicing. We will always give you the best possible options when it comes to what your budget will enable you to get done.

You can be assured that we will guide you through every step of our boiler examination to make sure that you know of any faults and then from that we hope you can decide whether or not to choose us to help fix your home where need be. We can arrange a date and time for your boiler inspection that suits you best. If you require servicing for your boiler then we can arrange this for a later date. It is always better to get your boiler checked out for any faults prior to it becoming unusable, therefore making the cost of the work up to the full price of a boiler.

Don't wait until it's too late. Most boilers can be repaired rather than replaced

We are available at all times so please contact us if you require your central heating repaired or you intend to have a new boiler or a complete central heating system installed. We offer free advice and we can advise you accordingly of your type of installation or repair and replacement options. A contact form is available if you prefer this method.

Talking to us is the first step in getting you over your heating problems and on the road to a more efficient and correctly maintained heating system in your home.

Contact us for more information on how we can help you

02393 190 061 or e-mail enquiries@jem-utilities.co.uk
JEM Utilities Gas Services
JEM Utilities Gas Services
JEM Utilities Gas Services
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