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Domestic Electrical Services

Domestic Installations

JEM Utilities offer a full range of electrical services to the domestic markets. From full house rewires to installing a simple socket, we provide a first class service no matter what the job.
The type of work we carry out in the domestic sectors would include:-

No matter what type of electrical work you require doing in your home, we have the relevant experience and qualifications. We pride ourselves on quality work and will always leave your premises clean and tidy. All safety certification documentation will be supplied. If you are looking to have some work doing please get in touch.

Fault Finding

All too often when something is not working it may just be a simple fault. We have specialist equipment to test and identify faults which can be quickly repaired and rectified. Often this can prove to be a cost saving as the time required to identify and repair the faults are reduced.
If you suspect that you have a faulty wire or you have an electrical problem, give us a ring and we will be able to asset you

Fuse Boxes

JEM Utilities can replace or upgrade or install your fusebox.
The fusebox is the centre of your whole electrical system. It protects all the different circuits from overloading the wiring and causing other major problems. Older fuseboxes used a piece of fuse wire between two blades that needed replacing everytime there was a short circuit. Modern fuseboxes use RCD's (residual-current device) which trip when a circuit overloads, protecting the wires from burning out or shorting.

Fuseboxes can be installed with a number of dedicated circuit breakers depending on what electrical appliances you are using and how much power they are drawing. We can advise and install of the best options once we know your requirements.

Fire Alarms

Fire Alarms are one of the most important protection features your home. Purchasing the correct Fire Alarm or Smoke Alarm is vital for a property and is often dependant on the size of the rooms, ceiling height and where the alarms are located. JEM Utilities can provide fire detection and alarms for your home giving you and your family peace of mind. We offer a wide range of systems, capable of protecting any type of property.

All alarms or early detection devices should be checked regularly whether battery operated or mains operated. If you would like some advice on fire alarms, please call us on 01329 800128

Contact us for more information on how we can help you

02393 190 061 or e-mail enquiries@jem-utilities.co.uk
JEM Utilities Domestic Electrical Services
JEM Utilities Domestic Electrical Services
JEM Utilities Domestic Electrical Services
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